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E-Library and Learning Support Resources

AIT (campus-based and online open university) students have access to extensive electronic library facilities including e-books, study materials and lessons, learning materials in audio and video format, computer science and engineering simulators and virtual laboratory resources among others. The e-library facilities available to AIT-Open  as well as campus-based students include:

The AIT E-Library  Resources

The AIT e-library hosts and provides free and unlimited access to a large collection of e-books, e-journals, simulators, multimedia learning resources and as well as provide links to close to 50 free e-libraries of other universities and other public libraries on the Internet

The E-Library of the Open University of Malaysia

This provides unlimited access to AIT students registered on the OUM programs to more than 40,000 e-book titles and 18,000 e-journal titles and  other electronic-based learning resources

The AIT- online Resources:

This online facility provides our students access to over 10,000 e-learning resources including: e-lessons, e-books, multimedia learning resources, e-courses, e-learning and training materials, research resources, educational resources, video clips, text books, life-long learning resources, lecture notes  and handouts

Other Resources:

Additionally our students have access to lecture notes, handouts for their courses via:

  • AIT Learning Management System forming part of LeMASS - an online academic program delivery and administrative system

  • MIT OpenCourseware  system  providing access to lecture notes, handouts and other learning resources of 1800 courses offered at MIT

  • Open University of Malaysia (OUM) Learning Management System  myLMS hosting learning materials and resources to be accessed by AIT students registered on the OUM programs and

  • AIT-Online -Your E-University Learning Support Resources






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