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Grading System

The Grading and Academic Evaluation System

The Grading System detailed below applies to undergraduate/postgraduate degree programs that have coursework component. This is the case for all the undergraduate (Bachelor) degree programs and as well as  a number of the Master's degree programs and some of the PhD programs that has courseware components.


There are TWO components of the grading system used on the courseware-based degree programs: continuous assessment (50%) and the final end of trimester examination (50%). Students must pass both components in order to pass the course.

The break down for continuous assessment component is as follows:

(i) One/two major assignments (and a number of module/unit-based quizzes/tests): 20%

(ii) 1st Test (Quarter-Trimester Test):10%

(iii) 2nd Test (Mid-Trimester Test):15%

(iii) Online Participation using AIT e-Learning  portal (LeMASS):  5%

For the subjects with laboratory sessions, the break down for continuous assessment is as follows:

(i) One/two major assignments (and a number of module/unit-based quizzes/tests):15%

(ii) 1st test (Quarter-Trimester Test):  10%

(iii) 2nd test (Mid-Trimester Test):10%

(iv) Laboratory work cum Report:  10%

(v) Online Participation using AIT e-Learning  portal (LeMASS):  5%

Note: Online continuous assessment quizzes and tests are of open book format. To ensure that students doing the online quizzes and tests are registered students, all students are required to take additional (face-to-face) tests (Quarter-Trimester Test and Mid-Trimester Test) at AIT Campuses/Designated Learning Centers. A student can only pass the on-campus face-to-face test if he/she has been following the course and doing all the assignments and the quizzes online. Additionally, the final end-of-trimester exams will be taken face-to-face at AIT Campuses/Designated Learning Centers

Note: All registered students have photo ID Card as proof of their registration as AIT students and entitlement to sit their campus-based test and examinations. Participation in on-campus tutorial sessions and the taking of on-campus  tests and end of trimester examination will therefore be based of the production of  a valid  AIT  photo ID card. Also students access to online learning resources will be password controlled.






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