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Admission Requirements


Our Admission Policy

Applicants to AIT are admitted on the total strength of their applications. While academic criteria such as grades, quality and level of courses, test scores, trend of grades, and rank are of primary importance, leadership skills,  involvement in school and community activities, recommendations, and how effectively an applicant communicates strengths and interests orally, are also important (and sometimes crucial) elements in an admission decision.

AIT as an open institution, welcomes applications from all persons. Prospective applicants must however satisfy AIT own internal admissions standards and requirements as well as the admission standards and requirements of AIT partner universities. Admission to AIT is competitive and the university has in place a competitive selection process that ensures that those admitted to study at AIT are not only qualified by international standards but are also enthusiastic about studying at AIT.

The details of the minimum entry requirement for the various O/OL program (Bachelor, Masters and PhD Degree programs) are outlined below in the links:

  1. Minimum Entry Requirement for Bachelors Degree Programs

  2. Minimum Entry Requirement for Masters Degree Programs

  3. Minimum Entry Requirement for  Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree Programs





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